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What're the symptoms of aspergillosis?

The most common symptoms of aspergillosis are pain in this sinuses, nose, or ear canal; facial swelling; cough and difficulty breathing; chest pain; and fever and night sweats. Aspergillosis affecting the deeper tissues makes a person very ill. Symptoms include fever, chills, shock, delirium, and blood clots. The person may develop kidney failure, liver failure (causing jaundice), and breathing difficulties. Death can occur quickly. Aspergillus infection of the ear (called otomycosis), can produce itching and a discharge, sometimes noticed as a spot on the pillow. Fungal infection of the cornea of the eye in a susceptible person can result in blindness, if not diagnosed and treated promptly.

More information on aspergillosis

What is aspergillosis? - Aspergillosis is a fungal disease of the respiratory tract of birds and mammals usually caused by Aspergillus fumigatus.
What causes aspergillosis? - Aspergillosis is caused by a fungus (Aspergillus). Aspergillus can easily travel through the air and be inhaled into the lungs.
What're the symptoms of aspergillosis? - Symptoms of aspergillosis are facial swelling, cough and difficulty breathing, chest pain, and fever and night sweats.
How is aspergillosis diagnosed? - X-ray or computed tomography (CT) scan of the infected area will be used to provide clues for making the diagnosis of aspergillosis.
What's the treatment for aspergillosis? - The goal of treatment for aspergillosis is to control symptomatic infection. Invasive aspergillosis may resist drug treatment and progress to death.
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